About Us

Jack Hogan, the proprietor of Treasure Coast Music Production, has had an unrelenting passion for music since childhood, listening to his transistor radio for hours on end. Beginning his musical journey as a bass guitarist, Jack has transformed into a multi-instrumentalist, playing music for over four decades, and collaborating with gifted musicians like Randy Lodes, Cary Nielsen, and members of Shadoz Edge.
With a Rock/Blues-inspired musical style, Jack draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as Rush, Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, and Sade. Despite facing various life issues and responsibilities, Jack persevered in recording music, starting with primitive equipment like a taped microphone and a Teac dual cassette deck, before eventually upgrading to a DIGI 001, DIGI 003 with Pro Tools, and a Mac with Logic.
Jack now concentrates on writing music and producing it, with the goal of collaborating with other musicians to create and deliver music to a broader audience. Many of his instrumental tracks are available for streaming on various platforms, and he intends to shift his studio from his residence to a commercial space in the future. Jack is available to assist others in their musical pursuits and is open to sharing his knowledge and experiences. Visit the website to learn more or to listen to his latest creations.